Spanish customer-customized vegetable powder has been produced and is waiting to
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On October 21, 2019, the 2 tons of vegetable powder customized by our company's cooperation factory according to customer requirements has been produced and packaged, Now it's waiting for delivery...

The goods were sent to Spain, mainly including garlic powder, vegetable powder, cinnamon powder and other mixed powder. This customer has cooperated with our company for six years. The customer is verystraightforward because After the first cooperation with us, the follow-up is directly to the order.The payment is also timely after the package has been delivered, we are expected to have a long-term cooperation with this customer.

Xi’an Green Spring technology has been founded in 2000, is the comprehensive plant manufacture, supplier and wholesaler in the northwest based on scientific research, integrating research and development, production and sales. This company has established a sound scientific system and quality control system, and has implemented strict quality control standards. Our company supplies more than 200 plant extracts such as Ferulic Acid, Saw Palmetto Extract, Marigold Extract, Milk Thistle Extract, Lutein, Gotu Kola Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Berberine HCL, Green Tea Extract and so on, is widely used in Food, Medicine, Health products, cosmetics and so on.

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