Employees of Xi’an GreenSpring Technology Co.,Ltd went to Yangling Lab to learn
TIME:2019-10-28 HITS:769

On October 23, 2019, the employees of our company went to our laboratory in Yangling with the leadership. This laboratory is a research and development department set up by our company in cooperation with the Northwest A&F University in the experimental building of the school. There are three researchers in our company. R&D personnel specialize in natural ferulic acid research in this laboratory. During the visit, the R&D staff introduced us to the role of each machine and reported the progress of the current research to the leaders. 

In the afternoon, we went to Yangling Cuijian Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. to exchange ideas with the leader. Mr. Yang introduced the history, advantages and main products of their company, let us have a deeper understanding of their company, and then We visited their factory. We have participated in three processing workshops, one raw material workshop and one workshop for storing finished products. Each workshop is equipped with a mouse-proof board. Some of the workshops are also equipped with equipment for removing static electricity. To a large extent, the personal safety of the employees and the quality of the products are guaranteed. Each workshop has a professional person to take us to study and explain each of equiments’ functions. The plant area is basically machine operation, and all transportation is basically transported by pipeline, greatly improving the efficiency and cost of output. After the visit, the two leaders communicate on the matters of cooperation and initially reach a cooperation intention. I hope that we can join forces to contribute to the planting industry.