Green Spring Technology observes the Asiaceutical Summit & Expo 2020
TIME:2020-10-26 HITS:585

On October 21-23, 2020, Asiaceutical Summit & Expo 2020 held by Zhitiqiao was held at the Guangzhou (Tanzhou) International Convention and Exhibition Center. Our company employees Mine Yang,Jessie Kowk and Crystal Qiu attended the exhibition.

Asiaceutical Summit & Expo 2020 is a high-profile brand conference in China's natural health food industry. The main groups participating in the conference are: food companies and beverage companies that focus on function and transformation to function; companies that focus on health food and the catering of health products; domestic and foreign functional raw materials companies that are committed to innovation; and entrepreneurs that focus on the production and development of pet nutrition food Teams and companies, brand owners, distributors, retail platform institutions, etc.

In 2020, based on the impact of the new crown epidemic, the commercialization of 5G technology, the rise of new consumer groups, and the wave of plant-based products, the Natural Health Products Industry Conference 2020 will feature "Immune Product Innovation", "Food Functional Innovation", and "Medical "American Product Innovation", "Plant-based Technology and Product Double Landing", "Snacks Functionalization", "National Tide Product Innovation", "Supply Chain Localization", "Linking New Crowds" as themes, several explore natural health products New formats and new development stages of the industry.

Through this exhibition, we have broadened our horizons, deepened the use of the company’s products, better grasped market trends, and grasped the needs of tomorrow.