What is the application range of Lutein from Marigold Extract?
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Lutein is a natural substance widely found in vegetables, flowers, fruits and certain algae. It is widely used in many fields such as food, health care products, cosmetics and medicine. Lutein was approved by the us food and drug administration as a food additive in 1995. Because lutein is widely used, in the international market, 1g lutein and 1g gold is equivalent, so it has the good name of "plant gold".

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In foreign countries, it is widely used in margarine, cheese, juice, drinks and other foods, and as a dietary supplement, it is popular in the American market to some extent. Add a certain amount of lutein to the food and beverage, not only can prevent muscle degeneration, but also the prevention and treatment of senile eye retina macular degeneration cause of vision loss and blindness, also can prevent cell jilt number, and the body's aging, raise immune system function, prevent cardiovascular caused by the body's aging hardening, diseases such as coronary heart disease and cancer.

Lutein has excellent oxidation resistance, and can be very good to protect skin from sun burn, usually on nutritional supplements or all kinds of skin care products, reduce the human body receives from the radiation of computer screens, television, mobile phone screen and excess ultraviolet radiation damage, has obvious anti-radiation, protect moist skin and anti-aging effect.

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