What is the color and extraction process of saw palmetto extract?
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1. Raw materials: We adopt supercritical oil for extraction. It is a white solid at room temperature and a pale yellow liquid at room temperature. The oil impurities obtained by supercritical extraction are less pure and pure.

2. color difference: the color difference of saw palmetto extract is determined according to raw materials and technology. Currently, two colors are widely recognized in the domestic market. One is a light yellow powder, and the other is a white powder. Both powders are produced by an oil wrapping process.

3. Process: We use special excipients and advanced wrapping technology to ensure that each oil molecule can be effectively wrapped, which can ensure the content while ensuring the stability of the product. If the package is not good, the powder will be slightly sticky, feel the oil on the hand, and if it is left for a long time, there will be a smell of oleic acid. If the oil used is very dark in color and not completely wrapped in the subsequent package, the oil molecules are partially exposed to the outside of the auxiliary material, and the color becomes yellowish, so that there is a long-lasting oleic acid.

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